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You all know the answers to the commandments of life: why it is impossible to divide by zero, why it is not a good idea to spit in the wind and why you shouldn’t look into the cat’s eyes. 

Pros and Cons

    Have you weighed all the pros and cons? However, we have to ask you not to do this, because looking into the cat’s eyes can lead to very unpredictable consequences!Still, you take a risk and look into the eyes of your cat; it reads your past and future, and then scornfully turns away – who are you compared to the one that has nine lives?So why is it not a good idea to look into your cat’s eyes? Read about this myth below. 

    History of the Myth 

    In one of these lives, the cat was called Bastet. People believed it personified sunshine and moonlight and was revered as the mother of life, the daughter of Osiris and Isis, as a goddess who could give health and joy in life.

    The people of Ancient Egypt (we are talking exactly about those distant times) believed that Bastet and its caudate reincarnations are connected with the underworld by imperceptible threads and that they constantly transmit information from our world to the world of spirits. Apparently, this mysticism laid the foundation for the myth concerning the power of cat's eyes. 

    Adherents of Bastet left their descendants a simple inscription on the obelisk saying: “Oh wonderful cat, given to us forever,” believing that respect for the one that can walk silently between the worlds will be preserved for generations to come. 

    Alas, as time passed, people began to feel not respect, but rather fear. It was almost impossible to find a black cat in the dark Middle Ages. Those times remained in the story as a period of true cat genocide. The insane time of a hunt for witches was marked by the death of thousands of purrs. The inquisitors believed that black magic was impossible without the help of a petty demon in the guise of a pet, and the cat was a perfect fit for this role with its magic look (in all fairness, we should note that goats got in this list as well). All of these factors made people avoid looking into cats’ eyes. 

    Many people find another answer to the question "Why shouldn’t you look into the cat's eyes?" in the Bible.

    Those who enjoy reading the Holy Bible claim that the cat is the only domestic animal which is not mentioned in the Holy Scripture at all, and this fact undoubtedly seems suspicious! 

            In fact, there is nothing suspicious that the Bible does not say a single word about cats since they had not been domesticated by the time the Bible appeared!

    But when the predatory animal turned into a domestic one, it didn’t learn to enjoy the direct look into its eyes. In the language of a domestic cat such a look signifies coming danger. Now you understand why you shouldn’t look into the cat’s eyes.

    Cats Perceive It As a Sign of Aggression

    And being a miniature predator, it can give a proactive response to that aggression. By the way, there is an interesting observation: only housecats can’t stand a direct look into their eyes. 

    Street cats react to it indifferently!But if you are confident in your domestic cat and are not afraid to meet its eyes, then, most likely, your pet will first squint its beautiful eyes, and then it will simply turn away – who are you compared to the one that has nine lives?

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