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Have you noticed that your cat poops regularly, but there are no signs of urine in his litter box? If you sounded the alarm immediately, you did the right thing. Any small urination problems may lead to serious diseases that are very difficult to treat.

For instance:

Bladder Inflammation

This kind of inflammation is called cystitis and it may strike both cats that are able to walk outside and indoor cats (if it's too cold in the house).  Cystitis may also occur due to infection. Certain tests can help to determine a diagnosis, and uro-antiseptics and antibiotics can stop the disease. 

  • Urethra inflammation;
  • Kidney diseases;
  • Urinary tract obstruction (congenital or mechanical);

Unfortunately, such diseases as urolithiasis occur quite often in cats. Moreover, neutered cats are the most vulnerable to this disease.  Apart from infections, urolithiasis can be caused by improper nutrition and the predominance of meat and fish in the diet.

Why does the cat refuse to defecate in a litter box?

If the cat does not poop, in most of the cases it's not being naughty. More likely the cat can't poop as it's suffering from constipation. There are many causes of constipation in cats:

  • improper nutrition
  • the stressful atmosphere in the house
  • intestinal tract malfunctions

In all cases, the cat needs your help. The easiest way to solve the problem is to feed the pet with food that has a laxative effect: boiled beet or milk. More serious measures include soap (in the anus), enema, or medical treatment. 

The Reasons for the Cat Refusing to Use its Litter Box and Solutions

Urogenital system inflammation

Infections (feline cystitis) or traumas can cause repeated urination and the animal just doesn’t have time to reach the proper place. In the case of ureteral stones, urine flow becomes impossible due to the canal blockage.

Thoroughly inspect the litter box and the places your animal prefers. And be sure to consult a veterinary physician! Take your time and don’t use various attractant sprays and certainly don’t even think of swearing at your pet until the reasons have been determined.

Clean habits

Cats are very clean animals, so check whether the litter box is clean enough and wash it thoroughly. Then, inspect the litter; maybe, the scoop you used to fill in the litter box is dirty and leaves a smell undetectable to a human but unacceptable for a cat.

 It happens that dirt around the litter box can deter a cat from using its toilet.

Wrong litter box

You may like everything about a new litter box (it is glossy, large, attractive and matches the tile/wallpaper color) but for some reason, it’s not suitable for the cat and that'd be it.

And despite this new litter box being so fascinating, the cat doesn’t even approach it. However, the pet enjoys using its old, scratched and faded one. Therefore, when buying a new litter box don’t throw away the old one immediately.

Inappropriate litter

Despite the fact that you’ve studied all your pet’s habits, try using other litter. There is a possibility that this is the thing the cat is unpleased with.


        You are the one who wants poop to smell like lavender or orange but the cat doesn’t need it at all! Therefore, the cat may refuse to be neat only because it doesn’t like the litter odor.

Also, be sure that the litter box is made of high-quality materials and doesn’t have the fragrance of low-quality plastic. It is not recommended to use any aromatic substances for cleaning the cat’s litter box. They may not only disorient your cat but cause allergic reactions as well.

Quiet place

Would you like to go to the toilet in the middle of a crowded square? I doubt. A kitten feels just the same as a human. If the litter box is displayed publicly in an overly light, noisy and crowded location, you shouldn’t expect that the cat will use it as intended.

Of course, cats don’t read newspapers sitting on the toilet as humans do but they love being alone in a silent and calm place during the process no less than we do. 

State of mind

During a standing heat period, a cat can scent-mark everything; therefore, pay attention to the psychological and emotional state of your pet. Don’t swear at it – it will make the situation even worse. The best option is to consult a doctor. If you are not going to mate the animal, you should correct its behavior with some composing herb drugs (but only you have consulted a veterinarian).


        Have you brought home a new animal and noticed that your old pet began to increasingly ignore the litter box? Maybe the reason for your cat doing so is that it simply jealous of the new pack member.


“Of course, I am appeasable – I will have revenge and forget” – almost every cat can make this claim one day or another. However, not every pet fouls wide of the litter box. If an adult cat started to behave like this out of nowhere, you should think it over… and beg your cat pardon. Perhaps it will help!

Heat period

During a heat period, even well-bred cats sometimes ignore their official litter box. Female cats refuse to do it because litter can cause them real pain in this period. And male cats use this method to scent-mark their territory during a heat period.

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