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Not every cat owner can take their pets on vacation, as animals sometimes don’t bear the trip too well. Besides, not every hotel or recreation center accepts residents with pets. But you can’t leave a pet home alone! Well, you won’t have to because help for pet owners who travel a lot is the cat hotel. 

This is specially equipped premises with a wide yard where any kind of cat regardless of age and personal addictions can be kept. Here, everything is available for a cat to feel free, calm, and comfortable, but the main thing is - to be safe.

Finding such a cat hotel is rather simple, if you appeal to a cat lovers’ club or a feline organization at the place of residence. However, before deciding to leave a cat in such an institution during vacation, you need to check that you’re not leaving your pet in a place where anything can harm it. 

Cat Hotel: Looking for an Ideal Hotel 

In order to check if this cat hotel is a well-organized shelter, you need to consider just a few features. Well, a perfect shelter is one in which:

  • Cleanliness is maintained in all rooms;
  • You don’t smell anything; 
  • Cats look well-maintained; 
  • A separate block is provided for each animal (this is important not only because cats can infect each other, but because getting into a common room can cause big stress for them);
  • The cat’s blocks have warm sleeping places with the possibility of going outdoors; 
  • An animal always has access to feeders and toilet;
  • A cat cannot run away. 

The moment you come to such a shelter, you will be asked to provide a certificate about the cat’s vaccinations and also sign permission for treatment in case an animal gets sick while you’re absent. Don’t forget to mention your cat’s chronic diseases (if there are any) and its special habits. If your pet is long-haired, pay extra money for it to be combed. 

If you choose a good hotel, you won’t need to fear for your pet’s well-being during the whole vacation: usually, cats get used to such conditions very quickly and at the end of such “holidays,” feel good and look rested and contented. 

Cats in Household  

Many pet owners can’t imagine how it’s possible to leave a cat in a strange place during vacation, and if you’re one of them, you’d better leave your animal at home. It will be less hard for it psychologically as the animal will feel happy in familiar territory and won’t be afraid that the owner has abandoned it. 

How can you leave a cat home alone? It’s not as scary as it seems: an animal doesn’t feel lonely if everything around it is familiar, and it can carry on with its usual business. You will just have to take care of feeding and cleaning up your cat’s tray, and you could ask your friends or neighbors to do this if you can rely on them. The cat doesn’t need someone around constantly; it will be enough to visit it one or two times a day - just to see how it’s doing. 

And if you think that your friends might forget about your pet, then hire a special “cat nanny” (fortunately, such service is offered everywhere), and the nanny will surely take care of your pet in the way it is used to and even keep it company from time to time. Make sure that the nanny is a reliable person and then you won’t have any problems with taking care of your cat!

And if you are worried about your pet a lot and don’t know how your vacation plans will affect it, try to accustom your cat to long trips from a young age and choose places where you will be accepted with it unconditionally. Then you won’t need to part with your beloved animal, and it will feel comfortable and confident in the company of its beloved owner! 

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