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If you are passionate about cats and you browsed the internet, you most likely saw Kawaii cat products and learned about this term. But the reality is that it can be very hard to figure out what Kawaii actually is, which is why we are here to help. In this article you will learn more about Kawaii and what it means, but also the way it influences our society as well.

What is it?

Kawaii is a substitute for cute, although it’s a term deeply embedded in the Japanese culture as a whole. It has a multitude of implications and meanings. The term Kawaii comes from kawayushi. This is a word that was introduced during the Taisho era, between 1912 and 1926. That term meant things like small, loveable, embarrassed, vulnerable, pathetic. So it’s easy to see why to the world outside Japan most persons tend to think it’s a substitute for cuteness. But it’s definitely a lot more than that.

At its core, the Kawaii culture is all about things that bring in a sense of protection, love and care. Usually you will see a lot of Kawaii cats and baby animals as a huge part of the Kawaii culture. Most of them have adorable physical features such as round eyes that are also large and super cute.

        In many ways, the current Kawaii culture is basically a combination of modern Japanese culture with some blend of American culture put in there as well.

It’s definitely something unique and one of those things that you can rarely see out there.

Many Types of Kawaii

Even if you just see Kawaii cats out there, the reality is that you will find a lot of Kawaii types. First, there’s the guro Kawaii which is grotesque cute. This is a disturbing take on cute, with contrasted and heavy makeup. Then you have kimo Kawaii which is creepy cute. Not as creepy as the previous one, but very close to that.

Busu Kawaii is ugly cute, normally this is a style associated with a sense of pity and strange feelings related to that situation. Ero Kawaii is sexy cute, something that you will like quite a lot. And you also have Shibu Kawaii.

Shibu Kawaii is maybe the most popular type of Kawaii that you can find out there. If you see Kawaii cat products, they are most likely a part of the Shibu Kawaii culture.

As you can see, Kawaii is very distinct and diverse. It’s a unique play on cute and it definitely showcases the beauty of Japan and its rich culture in meaningful ways. If you are a fan of cuteness and cats in general, you should totally check out the Kawaii cat products. It’s maybe one of the most interesting ways for you to express your love for cats in general. Most cat lovers enjoy Kawaii products because they are so cute and fun. They are even great as presents too. Thankfully, this culture is growing in the West as well!

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