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A common misconception that most people have is that training a cat is impossible. This is the reason that many people, when making the decision about adopting a cat, think they are going to have an untamed animal in their house. All cat lovers will be surprised to know that training a cat is possible and there are various tricks a cat can do.

However, you should know that the training process of a cat is completely different from a dog. That is why it is important for you to take the right approach if you want to train your cat. It may take some time, but you will surely get positive results. Here we have a complete step-by-step guide that will help you train your cat perfectly and spend quality time with your beloved animal.

Never Punish

The first and most important thing you have to consider is that cats are not like dogs. You may be able to tame your dog by giving a few punishments for disobedience and your puppy will remain loyal to you. However, cats have a different attitude, and they consider themselves superior. That is why during cat training you cannot even think about punishing your cat. 

        Once your cat gets angry with you, there are chances that it will start damaging your house or it may leave you considering the fact that you are not giving it the love and respect it requires.

That is why you have to be extra careful with the training process.

Get a Clicker

If you want to train your cat, make sure that you get a clicker. If you will not give any signals of obedience, your cat will easily get confused. That is why getting a clicker is the best option. The reason is that every time your cat obeys you and follow all the commands you can make the clicking sound with the clicker. It will help your kitty understand that it has done the right thing. Once the habit is perfectly stored in the memory of your cat, you will not have to make any clicking sounds.

Use Treats For Motivation

During the cat training process make sure that you have a few treats. Collect all the favorite treats of your cat as well as toys to assure that the training process will become simple for you. You should know that while training a cat, treats will work as a motivational product. Every time your cat will get a treat, it will know that it has done the right job. When your cat does not get a treat it will know that something went wrong, or it has disobeyed you. In this way, you can teach your cat without punishing it.

Use Commands

There are different types of interesting tricks a cat can do using the commands that you give. Some of the famous tricks that you can teach your cat are.

  • Sit and stand trick
  • Shaking hands with you
  • Looking cute with the wide eyes
  • Obeying your commands

Not getting on your furniture or bed (however, it is the toughest, and you should not even try it as a beginner). 

While training a cat, you can use commands. You can make different noises like calling the cat by its name or using a bell when you want your cat to have its food or be around you. You cat will learn the sounds you are making and will assure it follows the given commands.

Potty Training

One of the toughest things that you have train your cat in is potty training. However, you should know that it is not impossible. Once you potty train your cat, you will not have to waste your money on the cleaning products or deal with smelly litter. The best way to make it possible is by keeping the litter box in your toilet. With the passage of time assure that the litter box will be near your toilet. 

After a few days or weeks, you can keep the litter box on the toilet and help your cat get on it with the stool. You can use adjustment seats to assure that your cat will not fall in the toilet. In the beginning, you can expect a few spills, but with the passage of time, your cat will be properly trained. After that, you can easily flush out all the litter without cleaning anything particular.

Calm Traveling

Calm traveling is an important part of the cat training process. When you have to travel, you would like to keep your cat with you. In this situation, you can carry your cat in a bag or small cat case. You have to assure that your cat is properly trained to stay calm in that case because that is the only way you will be allowed on airplanes and other transportation. You can train your cat to stay in such cases by making it spend a few minutes to hours in the case. Do not change the case because your cat will only recognize the one that you are using for the training process. Make sure to keep your sessions short and natural.

Bottom Line

During the cat training process, the most important thing you have to consider is being consistent. You should know that cats commonly do not follow commands and if you want to make them obey it is important that you remain patient and consistent because that is the only way you can get the best results. You can even train your cat to walk with a leash if you maintain positive behavior.

In case it is getting hard for you to train your cat there are various experts available in the market who would complete the process quickly. Assure that you hire the best cat trainer who can perfect train a cat.

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