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1. Balinese Cat

Balinese cats resemble the Siamese breed, except they have longer hair. They are quite graceful and lean and have a prolongated body and snout. This breed is relatively small in size. The fur is semi-long, it’s very silky and thin. 

Balinese cats have a long-fringed tail. The animal has no underfur. The coat pattern is similar to a Siamese cat: it’s the same contrasting snout, tail, paws, and ears. Balinese cats can be of different colors, including hints of lilac, blue and chocolate. New-born kittens are plain white. The usual coat pattern appears as they grow older. Currently, there are more than 20 known variations of color in this breed.

2. Devon Rex

The place of origin of this breed is the UK. These animals have short wavy fur, which makes them look similar to Cornish Rex cats. However, these two breeds have wavy fur for different reasons. That’s why if you crossbreed them, you will get a kitten with straight hair. Devon Rexes are known for their almond eyes and big ears, which makes them look like elves. 

They have a stubby turned-up nose. What’s interesting, not only their hair is wavy but also their whiskers. Thanks to their big feet and strong elongated legs, these cats can jump high and far. 

3. Toyger

Despite the fact that this breed was officially registered in The International Cat Association in 1993, it’s still in the process of breeding. On the outside, the cat resembles a tiger, and breeders want to make these cats even more similar to their bigger relatives. Toygers are characterized by the beautiful tiger stripes on their golden fur. As a result of breeding, these cats will have a wider nose, round ears, light fur on the chest, stripes on the belly and smaller eyes. 

4. Ashera

It’s the newest breed to date, which makes it one of the rarest and the most expensive breeds too. The animal is quite big and can grow up to 1 meter in length and 14 kilograms in weight. As for now, the Ashera breed is divided into 4 types: standard, hypoallergenic, snow and royal. The color of a Snow Ashera resembles a white tiger. 

The Royal breed is the rarest since the female cat can give birth to no more than 4 kittens at a time. Royal Ashera’s fur is caramel-colored with orange spots.

5. Turkish Van

This breed is easily distinguishable from other cats by their eyes of two different colors. One eye is blue, and the other may be yellow. These cats are renowned as the national treasure of Turkey. It’s actually forbidden to take them out of the country. The name of the breed originates from Lake Van in the southeastern part of Turkey. 

These cats have fluffy white hair. Turkish Vans have a congenital poor hearing; however, this is offset by their other qualities. Today, there are a total of 500 Turkish Vans in the world.

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