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Can any cat diseases be passed to people? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Obviously, cat diseases are rarely passed to people, but sometimes it happens. And it is better to protect yourself against them.

        The first and the main risks are the diseases, which don’t affect cats (they cannot be found out even during the veterinarian checkup), but such diseases can be passed to the owners.

Among them are trichophytosis and some other kinds of fungi. The spores can be found in cats’ hair. The animal can catch them on the street or even get them from you because you can also bring them into the house. That is why it is so important to follow the hygiene rules. If you sometimes let your pet for a walk, it is necessary to wash it after the walk. If you notice the evidence of fungi on your cat’s body (itching, appearance of wounds, hair loss), it’s better to take it to a veterinarian and ask the doctor how you can protect yourself.

Cat Diseases: Main Danger

The second risk are the diseases, which affect cats and could put the cats’ owners at risk too. Rabies is the main danger. Rabies is a very dangerous disease, which can be passed by bites via the spittle and also through wounds or scratch marks. It is easy to notice that a cat suffers from rabies: the disease manifests itself with aggression, coordination dysfunction, paraplegia, heliophobia and spasms of the throat. If you are bitten by an ill animal, consult a doctor immediately. And also take your cat to the veterinarian. Unfortunately, you will have to put the cat down.

The diseases which can be passed from cats to people connected to various parasites are also widespread. The most common among them are helminths (parasitic worms), which affect the animal without visual symptoms, though the infection can manifest itself with loginess, dullness of hair, and body weight loss. But even if there are no evident symptoms, the preventive measures should be taken regularly. It is better to put on anthelmintic agents not only for the cat, but also for all people in the family. 

Another dangerous disease is cats chlamidiosis. It is airborne and poses a special threat to pregnant women as it may cause abnormality in the fetus and problems during labor. 

Besides, there also exist other cats’ infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis (which causes gastrointestinal upset, body weight loss, and operational disorders in the respiratory system) and campylobacteriosis, an infection which is evident in acute forms of gastroenteritis and is passed predominantly through young cats.

Cats’ Rare Diseases

Rare cats’ diseases shouldn’t also be forgotten. Such diseases can be passed to people. Among them are:

  • Pseudorabies (Morbus Aujeszky) – an acute virus disease, which can be passed through the skin, and is mainly caused by herpesvirus (it is mortiferous for animals and can cause various adverse effects to people, up to permanent disability),
  • Tuberculosis – an infectious disease, which affects different organs,
  • Tularemia – an acute infectious disease, which is evident in the form of fever, hepatitis, stomatitis and abscesses,
  • Pasteurellosis – an infectious disease causing inflammatory hemorrhagic processes of the internal parts of the body.

These diseases can also be safe for people even if the animal is ill, but that doesn’t mean you can take the responsibility lightly. In order not to become infected, you should keep in mind some simple rules:

  • Practice proper hygiene, especially when cleaning after your cat,
  • Undergo medical tests immediately after the appearance of an animal in your house,
  • Don’t let your cat hunt wild gnawing animals,
  • Feed your cat only with quality products,
  • If you notice the slightest disorders, consult a doctor and take your cat to the veterinarian.
        If you follow the rules mentioned above and don’t practice self- medicine, your health and you will be in safe. And your pet will not spread diseases, and you will not be forced to treat it immediately.

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