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Kawaii is a very interesting art that originates from Japan and it’s focused on cuteness. It’s basically focused on celebrating the adorable items and it does offer some lee-way when it comes to creating unique, fictional characters.

The Kawaii culture in general is all about positivity and it brings in front some impressive ways for people to enjoy life. While you can see lots of Kawaii products all over Japan, this Kawaii culture spread all over the globe and it actually became a part of modern life!

How did Hello Kitty Come to be?

If you talk about Kawaii cats, then you should know the iconic Hello Kitty cat is maybe the best example in this regard. A stationary brand named Sanrio created Hello Kitty, a very cute white cat with no mouth and a pink bow. Even if it was created in the 1974, that cat is a major symbol all over the world and lots of people of all ages know it. In fact, it has its own themed bullet train.

Do Japanese People Like Cats?

When you think about it, there aren’t that many pets out there that are extremely cute. Even if the Kawaii culture is focused on all things cute, shifting to pets and having Kawaii cats was a natural transition. And it’s easy to see why. From here to creating cat-themed art and a variety of other cool items it was just a single step.

Since the Kawaii culture is spread all over Asia, it’s easy to see why people are so focused on creating art pieces with cats. Plus, the Japanese culture in general is all about cats and showcasing love for cats. You most likely know the Maneki Neko, the beckoning cat, the one with one of the paws raised. You most likely saw it in one of your trips, as it’s literally in any major shop in the world nowadays.

Japanese people even have their own cat island named Tashirojima where there are around 10000 cats raised by people. They have a passion for cats because they find them free of evil spirits and pure. Which is why it was very easy to create art and Kawaii cat products based on that. It’s definitely something more distinct and interesting, so you will be very impressed with this to say the least.

The Kawaii cat culture is astounding and ever-expanding as well. More and more people like the idea of owning or at least using this type of products. And in the end you get to have a good insight into the Japanese culture as you try to understand their love and passion for cats and animals in general.

As you can see, the Kawaii cat culture is amazing and it definitely becomes very impressive as you delve deep into it. We encourage you to check it out and you will be astonished with the huge amount of Kawaii cat products and art that you can find both offline and online!

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