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Sooner or later, many of us will see a kitten or even a grown cat on the street that we cannot walk by. You then have a serious problem: shall I take this cat home and if I do, then how do I tame it so it can peacefully coexist with my family? This is a very important decision and must be approached seriously because a street cat is not easily trained to behave and might not be able to live peacefully in your house. So, be prepared for some difficult work.

First Steps in its New Home

If the animal has not been on the street for long (for example, if the cat has escaped from its previous owner or was thrown out of the house), then it probably will not take much work to get it accustomed to your house. But a feral cat that has spent much of its life outdoors might take a long time to train, so be patient.

So, what do you do now? The first thing (after feeding it) is to wash it. Even if the kitten looks clean, it probably isn’t. So, taming a street cat starts with a bath. It would be desirable for the first bath to include shampoo that kills fleas and ticks.

The second step is administering a deworming agent to the kitten. If you don’t know what medicine will work best, consult a veterinarian. He should also help you rid your new pet of ear ticks and conduct a medical investigation of the kitten and give you a verdict on its health. So, plan a trip to the vet immediately after bringing the cat home. Be prepared to treat the kitten for fungus and a plethora of other "street" illnesses. If you would rather not spend your time on that, then do not get a cat.

Taming a Cat: Basic Knowledge

The next step in your life with a pet is taming it. This will probably be a difficult process because homeless cats generally distrust humans, having had a negative experience with them. It will be easier to tame a kitten that is about 7 to 8 weeks old: the little one still trusts people and sees potential friends in them. In all other cases, be prepared for xenophobia - a fear and distrust of humans. The animal will not be able to feel at home in the presence of people and in this situation, it will take a long time to tame the cat.

Also, you should know that the animal will (especially if it is grown up) retain some of its wild habits: a feral cat will never truly be tame, keeping its aggressiveness and dislike of strangers even after a few years of living in your home. Consider this and be patient: an animal, just like a human, will have difficulties adjusting to a new home and different living conditions. 

Here is what you need to do to tame the feral cat without doing it any harm:

  • More attention and kindness, though the newly found pet will probably not sit quietly in your lap from the very beginning, so be ready to show your kind intent with your voice. 
  • The ability to be patient - the taming of a kitten starts with feeding it and later on teaching it other aspects of domestic life. 
  • Do not restrict the freedom of the animal - those who have tamed a cat know full well that a cat's worst fear is to be locked in a cage, so you should give it plenty of liberty at home. 
  • The ability to put up with the cat's aggression - at first, the cat will be very tense and alert, so it may see a threat in every movement.

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