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Sellers often boast that the kitten you buy is litter trained, but in fact, litter training the kitten can turn into a whole epic saga. It’s not that complicated, but you need to be careful and patient.

To litter train a kitten, put it in the litter box, take its paw, and make a few scratching movements in the litter. Repeat the procedure several times, and do not be discouraged if the kitten refuses to use its litter box at first. At this stage, the main task is for the kitten to remember the place. Later, it will learn to go there itself.

If you want to litter train your kitten, try to watch your pet more often. Cats usually go to the toilet immediately after feeding, and you just have to watch carefully to send the kitten to the litter box at the right time without giving it the chance to do its business in another place.

If a week has passed after the kitten’s “acquaintance” with the litter box, and the kitty still doesn’t use it, scold it in a stern tone but do not yell at or punish it. Wash the “crime scene” thoroughly so that the kitten cannot smell its business there.

How to Choose a Litter Box

Litter training usually begins with the choice of a suitable container. Not sure how to choose a litter box? It’s simple.

For small kittens, not only is the layout of the box important but so its configuration. The litter box shouldn’t have high sides; otherwise, your kitten may not be able to get there. It should also be located in a convenient place.

Do not buy a box with a net. Even though it keeps kitty’s paws dry after going to the toilet, it doesn’t absorb odor at all, so it’s best to choose a right kitty litter together with the litter box.

Many owners buy two boxes at once, and they are absolutely right to do so. Cats are very tidy, and they often don’t want to go into a dirty litter box when you don’t have the time to clean it up quickly.

How to Choose the Proper Litter?

If you are interested in choosing the right litter box for the kitten, then surely you must first think about what kitty litter you should use. There are a lot of offers on the market today, but not all are good for kittens.

The so-called clumping litter is the most convenient. It immediately turns a puddle into a strong lump that is easy to remove, and it absorbs odor. Wood cat litter is also very popular, but it’s not good for the kittens because they like to eat it. This is safe, of course, because all cats litter is environmentally friendly, but it can cause some troubles.

Another type of kitty litter is absorbent. Its advantage is that it’s low cost, but it does not absorb smells well enough, so it’s not worth choosing. 

Toilet Training the Kitten?

Many cat owners try to toilet train their kittens when they’re small, but it can be tricky. Of course, this method immediately removes all the “toilet” questions, such as how to choose a litter box or kitty litter, but it is still much harder to toilet train a kitten than a grown cat.

This process is very painstaking and lengthy, and it can be successful only when the kitten already knows how to use a litter box and does so confidently. So when your kitten is still small, it is better to litter train it. The toilet will wait a little until the kitty gets stronger and learns to follow all the rules of hygiene without your edification.


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