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When removing stains, don’t forget about precautions and always check how the stained surface will respond to an applied cleaning agent.

The best way to remove stains and the unpleasant odor of cat urine from a sofa (furniture) is to use a manganese solution (if the fabric doesn’t bleed), lemon juice or vinegar solution.

The same cleaning substances can be used to get rid of the unpleasant odor on linoleum, laminated or parquet flooring:

— a vinegar aqueous solution combined in equal proportions. The floor should be rubbed with the solution in a way that leaves the surface wet. After several hours, just wipe it dry

— lemon juice from fresh fruit; should be used in the same way like vinegar.

To get rid of the unpleasant odor on your mattress, you will need salt, sparkling water, and boric acid. Pour sparkling water (boric acid) over the stain, sprinkle it with salt and leave for several hours. Then, remove the salt and wash the rest out with water. If you use boric acid, you should dilute it with water.

Removing it from shoes is a bit more complicated task. If you manage to see the cat “crime,” you will have higher chances to rescue your shoes. So, if you see a fresh puddle in your shoes, immediately cover it with a towel (newspaper) to absorb the urine. Then, just wash your shoe with water and laundry soap.

If you were not in time and it took you a while to see the mark, it will be more difficult to get rid of the smell. You will have to wash the shoes with laundry soap several times and then rub with a vinegar solution and dry. Repeat the procedure until the odor has been completely removed. For textile shoes (sneakers, sports shoes), it will be just enough to launder them.

Nothing helps? Then, buy a urine odor eliminator (spray, liquid) in a pet shop and wash the shoes with this cleanser.

It will be easier to combat stains and odor on a carpet or floor if you notice a fresh mark. Use vinegar, lemon juice or laundry soap for cleaning. But don’t forget to wipe urine dry beforehand with a towel (napkin). If you deal with an old stain, then make a vinegar solution (1/1), pour it over the surface, sprinkle with salt and rub thoroughly.

If your cat has left a mark on your clothes, just wash them and rinse in a vinegar solution (1 tablespoon per liter of water).

All the marks will become invisible!

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