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In our modern computer age, it is not a problem to learn about upcoming nature’s moods. Internet websites, smartphone apps, radio stations, television weather forecasts ... The only thing we have to do is to choose the source of information and codes that we trust.

However, those people who have cats in the house can get this information without even looking at the screens and not listening to the radio.

How Does It Happen?

A weather forecast can be made by observing a cat’s behavior. Many owners of these pets do not think of them as meteorologists. However, for those people who are attentive enough, there is no doubt a cat and weather are interrelated concepts. There are behavioral patterns characteristic of the change of weather for all cats. Thus, if the cat is sleeping for a long time, you can expect a sharp shift in the weather. 

Heat will be replaced by a drop in the temperature and vice versa. Another way a pet can react to the upcoming weather change is sharpening its claws against the upholstery, pillows, special cat scratchers.

Other weather changes can also be predicted by observing the cat’s behavior. A cat will very clearly react to upcoming rain, snow, hail and other precipitation. It would seem like a cat suddenly begins to wash, lick its fur clean, sneeze and drink lots and lots of water. Some cats begin to scratch their ears. This should not frighten you; it is not a symptom of any disease, but only a specific meteorological reaction of this sensitive animal.

If the Temperature Drop is Coming…

Many cats react equally to the upcoming fall in air temperature. They settle themselves near warm objects, take certain poses, for example, curl up, want to be held (if their character allows).

What affects a cat's body at such times? Its reaction to the weather is not a forecast, but the result of the animal's ability to determine the upcoming changes in atmospheric pressure according to its predecessors. 

Cats make certain movements when there is a storm, heavy snow or strong winds. A cat rushes around the apartment or house like a whirlwind, raising its tail in the air as if panicking. Do not disregard loud meows and expressive looks. Often, they cannot find a place for themselves and rush around and spin like a top. 

By doing this, they try to predict serious weather changes. Similar to this, a cat can "predict" natural disasters: earthquakes, storms, tornadoes. A cat and weather are two concepts that are worth tying together.

When Nothing Foretells Weather Deterioration

A cat behaves as usual when there are no upcoming sharp weather changes. Calm smooth weather calms the cat down, and it becomes peaceful, amenable and playful (though it all depends on its character’s features). 

Because of their romantic character, cats often stay in a relaxed position, for example, on their back with legs apart and head up. In such cases, people say you can even sleep on it! A cat does not react to movements around it; it is not distracted by anybody or anything. It finds it interesting to sit on a windowsill, a terrace or a balcony and to watch the world around it.

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