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The development of your little pet depends on the food it eats in its young age. Feed your kittens properly, and they will be very thankful!

It is no secret that a correct, balanced diet is the key to the correct development and growth of any pet. If a kitten's ration lacks some elements or vitamins, then you may observe retardation in growth or the development of diseases that may lead to serious consequences.

For an animal to thrive, just like a human, it will need to get nutrients from food: the necessary amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and required microelements. All this means that the kitten should be fed primarily animal foods. From a young age, the kitten should be accustomed to eating a variety of different, healthy foods. This will make the kitten less choosy as to which food it eats and allow it to eat more foods that are healthy.

        The first, most important food in the ration of your cat is meat, preferably beef.

Of course, other kinds of meat may be fed to the kitten, but not pork. It contains too much fat for the young organism to handle, and it also may transmit helminths to the kitten. It does not matter whether the meat the kitten eats is boiled or raw. 

The next component of the kitten’s diet is milk and dairy products which is necessary for the kitten's development.

        But be warned - not all kittens tolerate cow's milk at an early age, so you should replace it with something else.

Even very young kittens will enjoy cheese or cottage cheese, so be sure to please your little pets with these foods. Eggs may constitute a great pleasure for a cat. Aside from that, they are also very beneficial for his hair and skin, and it does not matter whether the eggs are cooked or raw.

It is recommended to cook different kinds of porridge for the kitten, either with milk or without. The grain you use for the porridge may not be legumes because they contain too much carbohydrate and are poorly digested by an animal's organism.

A kitten must have 24/7 access to drinking water, especially if you feed them dry cat food. If the kitten eats dry food, its requirements in drinking water go up several times.
Today, dry cat food is popular and readily available in stores, but small kittens are better off if they are fed wet canned cat food.

Later on, as the kitten grows up, you may switch to feeding it dry food occasionally, eventually changing its ration to include dry food only. If the kitten has difficulty chewing granules of food, you may help it by wetting the food in some water. If you really care for the health of your pet, then do not buy cheap, dry cat food because the quality of such products is often low. In specialized stores, you may buy high quality premium-class cat food. Any specialist or veterinarian may give you recommendations on how to choose the proper cat food.

Some animals need to eat grass, which stimulates normal digestion and allows them to regurgitate hairballs that accumulate in their stomach. The grass may be planted at home in a pot.

You must have a separate food bowl for each of your pets. Keep these bowls clean and sterile, and after every meal, wash the bowl with boiled water. If the kitten is very young, you may feed it from your hands. But it is important not to feed it this way too often, otherwise it will get used to taking food from hands.

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