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If your cat is always at home and doesn’t go outdoors it means one thing: theanimal needs an individual gymnastic session! “Working out” is a pledge of good mood and well-beingof your pet, that’s why having gym equipment and toys for it is necessary. 

Why Does Your Cat Need Gymnastics?

A cat constantly living in a flat has a huge lack of space. It cannot go for a walk, but its energy needs to get out, and pets often waste it in demolition. A cat scratches furniture, nibbles wallpapers, tears different things or, the opposite, becomes extremely lazy and completely goes “into food”. Of course, both these things are harmful to cats, that’s why they need to have an organized active regime if leaving in a small apartment. It doesn’t mean that cat needs to go outdoors. There are many ways to arrange “home fun” for your pet.

What is Cat Gymnastic?

First of all, all exercises are games. Kittens must be accustomed to active games which must be repeated every day and become a habit for your pet. In such a situation it will be joyful and healthy without any effort of yours! The second wayismakingyourcat run and jump using toys. Some breeds (for example oriental or Russian blue) can be walked with a leash and you can use this time for your own walk. 

But of course, the best work out for a cat will be agym apparatus. Thiscan be bought in pet shops where you can find:

  • toys for training animals
  • equipment for jumping
  • equipment for climbing  
  • scratchers  

The latter are especially useful. This thing is necessary for anyone who wants to keep the casing of their furniture whole and wallpapers, covers and curtains untouched. If there is no scraper, a cat will payall its attention to these things! 

You could consider removing your pet’s claws, but is it worth doing? In some countries (for example, in England), removing acat’s claws is prohibited, but even if it wereallowed, the surgery is doneunder general anesthesia and consists ofremoving the last phalanx of the paw along with the claws. In many counties, such surgery is considered cruelty against animals, as cats need claws for protection, and removing them you make an animal very vulnerable. That’s why you better spend money on a scraper rather than making your pet suffer. Moreover, you can make themain catapparatus yourself! 

Main Gym Apparatus - Make it Yourself!

Thebest apparatus for scraping claws is a vertical column covered with sackcloth. It can have different shapes and the best type of them is the“multistory” one -  such anapparatus allowsa cat toclimb up and down, creating theillusion of a tree. Of course, such acolumn can be made by yourself and if you know your cat’s habits well,a handmade apparatus will be better than one from the shop!

Also, for arranging ahomemade scraper you can limit yourself toa plank 50-60 cm long that can be installedin aless noticeable corner of the flat that the cat likes. Below the plank, rough fabric or – something adored by cats – thick leather is fastened or glued. Your pet will surely like to scrape its claws on such a scraper! 

One more catgym equipment is a regular box! It is best to bemade of cardboard (for example, a box from anappliance): a cat can be in it for hours climbing inand out of it and even hunting thebox’s shadow. Also, you can make a tight hole in this “apparatus” and a cat will happilysqueeze through it. In order to praise an animal, you can put a treat into a box and make theanimal reach it byovercoming obstacles. 

One more important apparatus is a climbing device. Cats adore this activity and ifthey don’t have access to it, they getbored. In order to make your pet happy, arrange a simple construction of wooden planks which are fastened to each other with screws. Of course, such anapparatus must be safe for a cat. If it is, this object can keep your pet busy for a long time long time! Besides, such anapparatus can be remade from time to time, changing its size, height, and shape. In order to praise yourcat, you can put a treat on some of thestairs.

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