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Do You Need a Cat Carrier on a Plane?

As a rule, when leaving the house with the whole family for a couple of days, the cat can be left to friends, neighbors, or relatives to check in on it. But when you need to take the pet with you, then the question arises of how to transport it correctly and whether a special carrier is needed.

We’ll tell you right away that if you are going to travel by airplane, train, or bus, you will definitely need a carrier. You and your pet will not even be allowed on the plane without one. There are even requirements for the carrier—not all of them will do.

Below, we will tell you which one you need.

Airplane Cat Carrier Requirements

Different airlines may have different requirements. Some don’t allow taking pets in the cabin at all. However, in most cases, these are the requirements for a cat carrier:

  • The size of the pet carrier should not exceed 115 cm in total width, height, and length. Sometimes it is more specific: up to 55 cm long, up to 40 cm wide, up to 20 cm high.
  • The carrier must have free air access (a closed bag definitely will not work).
  • The weight of the carrier with the cat in it should not be more than 8 kg. Otherwise, the pet will be transported in the luggage compartment, not in the cabin.

These are the basic requirements for a pet carrier on a plane. The main thing that it does not exceed the maximum allowable size and that it has holes for air access. Everything else is up to you.

Tips for Choosing a Cat Carrier

When choosing a cat carrier, we recommend paying attention not only to its appearance but to the following features as well:

  • A bag-shaped carrier is more convenient for transportation over short distances—for example, when you carry a pet to a veterinarian or go to the suburbs for a weekend.
  • A carrier in the form of a container is good for transportation over long distances when you don’t need to hold it in your hands a lot. Also, such carrier is easier to clean because it is made of plastic, not fabric.
  • The carrier must close. If you want to take a bag with a big hole, don’t do it. The cat can easily jump out and run away.

That’s it! The final piece of advice is to choose a practical carrier that meets your needs. Have fun traveling with your pets!

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