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Representatives of the British Shorthair have a friendly and gentle character. They easily get along well with large families and get on with both children and other pets in the house. However, you shouldn’t keep a British cat instead of a toy for children, as like any other cat it will defend itself if the treatment is too cruel (little children often behave toward cats this way even if they don’t realize it). Usually British Shorthair cats are committed to one member of the family, and will spend much time with the owner or even follow him from one room to another.

For many amateurs, British cats are ideal pets: besides their kind and gentle character, their hair is incredibly fluffy, which looks fantastica in many of the coat patterns. Besides, it is easy to take care of the cat’s hair, even if it is a British Longhair cat. Because of all the factors mentioned above, British cats are extremely popular.

Unlike Scottish Folds, which have a more sociable character, British cats bear loneliness better, which is why the breed is more appropriate for those who spend a lot of time at work. However, while staying home alone, your pet will not do something rotten: all your vases and curtains will stay in place. These cats are not overactive. It is even not necessary to foster them. They have keen wit, which allows them to understand everything. That’s why a kitten will not sharpen its claws with your furniture, as long as it has a claw sharpener.

British Cats: Owners’ Opinion

British Shorthair Female Cat Review(Ella)

Hello! Today I’m going to tell you about my cat, a British Blotched tabby Maggy. She’s almost three. And she is really bossy! She doesn’t like sleeping the whole day. She spends days walking around the flat, examining her territory.

I think she considers herself to be an owner, and we are like servants for her. She often comes to us and wants us to pet her. She doesn’t like lying down next to us, but prefers staying. Maggy isn’t a couch potato, but she is not too active either. She doesn’t like running and jumping. Though, when it comes to laser toys, she will run and sniff. But she doesn’t like playing with squeakers and all that stuff. That’s what she is, my British Blotched tabby.

British Shorthair Male Cat Review(Jane D.).

Hello everyone! Meet Masik! Of course, he was called Masik when he was a small kitten. And now he is an 8-kilo giant! His coat pattern is lilac, and his character is egoistic. He is not tender and attentive at all. The maximum he does is rub for a while against your legs. And then it is as if he were telling you: “Have a look. I turned my attention to you.”

He doesn’t like being picked up. When you touch him, his face is displeased at once as if he were saying: “Put me on the ground.” But in reality all his queenly habits look so cute that you can forgive him everything. Playing is what he really likes. Especially when you tease him by touching his body. And then you run away, and he follows you and tries to catch your leg.

I would also like to mention that Masik is very patient. He never scratches, even if you squeeze him too much. He purrs, sniffs, turns away, but bears. We love him very much, and I wish all of you to have a cat like our Masik.

British Female Cat Review (Lola)

I have always liked this breed. That is why I decided to adopt a kitten. At Avito.ru I found kittens in our city. The fanciers were two girls. I chose a nimbler one and was waiting to take it home (the kitten was too small at that time.) I bought all the necessary stuff. And when the time had come, I took the kitten home.

The name for the cat I had been choosing for two days. And as she was small and liked sleeping a lot, I decided to name it Sonya. Her character appears to be capricious, as if she were a princess. She doesn’t like to be touched or stroked. She prefers to be on her own. For sure, Sonya is not very tender, she is particular. But she is so fluffy and beautiful. I like her as she is.

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