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Making your own cat foods could be cost-effective and incredibly beneficial to your furry friend, however, this is a BIG BUT, buddies – in case you do it wrong, it may possibly be life-threatenin (However, it is doable. We are going to discuss the simplest way to do it in a minute.)

The cat may become seriously deficient in many vital nutrients which induce metabolic bone disorder, back leg lameness, along with central retinal degeneration! (The fantastic news is even the Australians have a great deal of healing energy and if you have a fantastic doctor, the cat would completely recover after a month or two of cage relaxation and a balanced diet plan. But not all nutrient-deprived cats and cats can be quite so lucky.) Dr. Becker explained that she has seen "an increasing amount of pets having skeletal issues, organ failure and endocrine problems brought on by dietary deficiencies of vital nutrients".

I have made plenty of homemade cat foods and researched them enough to understand how simple it is to get certain things wrong. I have been attempting to write this article for quite a while because I see a great deal of confusion and mixed messages on the market.

Major Homemade Cat Food Errors to Avoid

Here is what many people get wrong if they are not completely informed before trying to make their own cat food.

Mistake 1:Not only tinkering with taurine -- with raw food

Intense eye and heart ailments can be caused by cats foods containing inadequate amounts of taurine. Cats can't synthesize sufficient taurine to fulfill their needs, therefore taurine has to be added to foods which naturally contain small amounts of taurine since it degrades so rapidly (see mistake #3).

Mistake 2:Not ensuring that the food comprises these other crucial nutrients...

You will find a few other nutrients a cat needs to have but which aren't necessarily found in homemade cat foods:

Cats need to get these nutrients from their diet, however, they are not found in many foods. 

Calcium: You should feed cats beef with calcium supplement or ribs (finely ground inside) otherwise it may cause a meltdown or curvature of spinal vertebrae and pelvic tissues and bone pain and fractures, in addition to hyperparathyroidism.

Mistake 3:Including the nutritional supplements prior to grinding, cooking or pureeing the kitty foods

Since the key nutrients will not survive those procedures, insert the supplements AFTER grinding, cooking, or pureeing. You have to include taurine after all the cooking has finished. And, even in the event that you serve uncooked food or food which naturally includes taurine, it's thought that it can also be degraded to a level by grinding and pureeing. Also, taurine leaches out because of water, particularly if cooking in warm water, so bear this in mind also.

If you include too many supplements in the cat food, this can also cause substantial health issues:

  • Vitamin A, although crucial, it becomes very poisonous when too much is absorbed.
  • An excessive amount of calcium induces depressed food consumption and diminished development in cats.
  • Excessive vitamin D can also be poisonous.

Mistake 4:Adding ingredients cats should not consume

Again, there is a lot of misinformation on the market! Listed below are individual foods which should NOT be added to cat foods:

Berries, chocolate, and pears - poisonous to cats 

Raw egg whites - contain a protein called avidin which may bind to specific B vitamins and stop their absorption. 

Pasteurized milk - very tough to digest since the lactase enzyme was neutralized by pasteurization

The way to quickly avoid those homemade cat foods errors!

As you can imagine, once I did a bit of research and found all of this, I felt a little daunted.

I looked at the time I had available during the day and immediately decided that I would much rather purchase a trusted supplement combination for homemade cat food (and follow the directions carefully) than taking the risk of winging it.

 After I decided, I simply needed to find some feline food nutritional supplement combinations that seemed great...

Supplement Mixes for Creating Homemade Cat Food

The resources below include the ones I've bought or would consider buying for my cats. Obviously, I can't give any guarantees about them, however, I can say that at this stage, I trust them and would use them. (I really don't try to make them sell them or have an affiliate link).

Each supply provides recipes and directions hence making homemade cat not a mysterious procedure! You simply stick to the recipe. (Watch the clip at the end of the post for instance!)

(Note: If you're making a homemade meal for the cat only once every so often and feeding them food which meets or surpasses the AAFCO standards the remainder of the time, you don't need to be worried about adding nutritional supplements to the occasional homemade foods. However, that is the sole exception!)

        Don't use premixes (containing calcium) in pet foods! You may over calcify your kitty if you do. For this reason, make use of legumes with NO STONES.


All components are pure food quality ingredients without protein, magnesium stearate or alternative processing additives. They don't use any raw materials in China or even India. Alnutrin's website includes a wealth of sensible, easy-to-understand details about making cat food and they supply completely free formulation information to clients. They also supply free trial samples!

Feline Instincts

Feline Instincts premixes are individual grade, natural and USDA accepted with no additives, colors, or other synthetic additives. You include raw beef, raw liver (or even a raw liver wax that they also sell), and also water. Their mixtures also comprise ImmnoPlex Natural Glandulars from Nutricology, created in New Zealand. Dr. Gardner, a holistic veterinarian they consulted in making their combinations, is quoting on their website about the use of kelp in the combination. He explained that "Kelp would be able to provide a supply of vitamins and minerals that help support the thyroid gland. We haven't had any difficulties with thyroid issues and many felines with hyperthyroidism use the diet and have done quite nicely along with proper veterinary attention, both holistic and allopathic."

TC Feline

I have not tried this one, but I heard some people enjoy it. It utilizes 100% individual grade and pharmaceutical grade components and it is GMO-free, without any synthetic additives, flavors, etc. The premixes have been "created in tiny batches, accuracy quantified, mixed, sifted, and packed by hand at a pristine center". The origin of the components is carefully chosen. However, I have question marks about their usage of this Arctic Pacific krill oil. I can't affirm it, but there are concerns about eco-system harm from this type of krill fishing and some people are also worried about the danger of Fukushima radiation pollution in Pacific krill oil.


Premixes aren't supposed to be used as a "scatter" together with added meat and merely water or other foods. Feline Instincts states that it is possible to harm your cat using the nutritional supplements that way. Stick to the directions for blending the ideal amount into the meals at the perfect moment.

TC Feline additionally gives a bone-free unique blend for cats with kidney issues.

Some (although not all) experts say you should not utilize store-bought meat (if you don't cook it before, including nutritional supplements) since there are worries about germs. They say you should rather grind your own or purchase products preserved immediately after grinding or cutting, such as Hare-Today, that includes various kinds of meats.

Alnutrin supplies a superb homemade cat food nutritional supplement to make your own new recipes or to personalize the ones you are already making. It is also possible to use it in case you presently have a recipe and would love to understand what the nutritional makeup of this diet would be.

The homemade cat food nutritional supplement companies listed above will supply you with everything you want to understand for making your own kitty food. But if you are actually attempting to shake out and find out more about doing everything from scratch, then visit Dr. Lisa Pierson's HUGE webpage on the subject of making cat food.

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